historia de familia e heraldica dao o mote a varias comunicacoes

João Bernardo Galvão Teles, a partner at LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles, participated in three academic meetings last November, addressing various topics under the theme Family History and Heraldry.

The Archive of the Casa de São Paio: history and memory of an aristocratic family was the theme of the lecture given on the 16th of November at a meeting of the Instituto Português de Heráldica. The dissertation started by tracing a brief history of this interesting documentary collection, then focusing on how it is organized. João Bernardo Galvão Teles revealed, after this, the amplitude of the source of information contained in the collection in question, showing furthermore, with many examples, the importance of this archive for historical research in several aspects.

Based on a study conducted with the Prof Dr Miguel Metelo de Seixas (who for academic reasons could not be present in the presentation), João Bernardo Galvão Teles took part in the seminar Os Livros de Horas do Palácio Nacional de Mafra e a Cultura Artística do Século XV, organized by the Institute for Medieval Studies of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, on the theme of Portuguese heraldry of the fifteenth century: proposals for its study. This lecture, presented on the 25th of November, aimed to reflect on ways to study and understand the heraldic phenomenon of that period, considered a crucial moment of transition from medieval to modern heraldry, characterized by a progressive affirmation of the nobiliary culture and Regal authority, based on the orchestration of heraldry by the Crown and nobility.

Lastly, the partner of LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles intervened in the Open Course The Family: Identity, Memory and History, promoted by the aforementioned Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, having taught a lesson on Computer Resources at the service of Family History on the 28th of November. On this occasion, João Bernardo Galvão Teles shared his experience as a researcher, focusing not only issues related to the collection and systematization of historical data, but also highlighting the wealth of information that can be searched over the internet today.



LMT Abreu Loureiro Correia de Matos e Galvao Teles na Fora de Serie

LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles made news in Fora de Série, the prestigious magazine distributed with Diário Económico.

The recent establishment of LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles was the subject of an article by the journalist Diana Moreira, published in the November issue of this reputable magazine, distributed with next Friday’s Diário Económico.

Guilherme Abreu Loureiro, Lourenço Correia de Matos and João Bernardo Galvão Teles speak on the circumstances that led them to undertake this project and share some of their experiences, among used booksellers, auctions and old albums that have been stored for very long.

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