Armas Misericordia Alenquer

During the last monthly academic meeting of the Instituto Português de Heráldica, the latest issue of Weapons and Trophies was presented, a publication that started in 1932 and that in this volume, for the year 2013, honours the former chancellor of that Institute, José Bénard Guedes, who passed away in September of 2012.

This edition includes contributions by João Bernardo Galvão Teles and Lourenço Correia de Matos, partners LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles, who signed the first article “As armas da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Alenquer: devoção e milagre numa composição heráldica de mestre Bénard Guedes”, and the second “José Bénard Guedes Salgado (1931-2012) – Notas bio-bibliográficas” and “Subsídios para a descendência do desembargador Rui Dias de Castro – Um aditamento aos nobiliários” (co-authored with José António Reis).

Caras LCM

Lourenço Correia de Matos, a partner at LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles, was the guest of the writer Rita Ferro in an interview published in this week's Caras magazine.

In a relaxed conversation that had as its backdrop his activity as a historian, Lourenço Correia de Matos spoke privately of the experience as a researcher in the field of genealogy, stressing that the interest in the discovery of the ancestors and family history cuts across all ages, professions and socio-economical means. Accompanied by his wife, the photographer Ines Correia de Matos, the partner of LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles also answered some of Rita Ferro ‘s curious questions, such as whether “there are many people who want to be noble”, are there still “questions with no answers” in research or “what is the most noble family of Portugal”.

We invite you to read the full interview.