At LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles we envisage each project with the specificity required, setting objectives, establishing the strategy and sharing with the clients the results at all the stages of the path that we propose to take, together.

It is a dynamic, interactive process mainly focused on the results that we aim to achieve, in view of a full satisfaction of expectations.

We present a business plan, a fee estimate based on the foreseen working time and, whenever necessary, an estimate of associated expenses. For projects greater in size or complexity it may be more appropriate to develop phased proposals.

The presentation of results is made through the delivery of a final project report. Whenever necessary or appropriate, progress reports will be issued. We may also make presentations in computer file format or print an edition in book format.

In cases of prospecting or sales of works of art, antiques, coins and books, we promote a clear definition of the intended transaction and with which markets, promoting the balance in negotiating so that both seller and buyer are satisfied.